Why KEK?
An honor awarded by Jobs DB Hong Kong Limited to KEK Consultancy Company Limited, which serves as a great encouragement to us and recognition to our excellent service.
Award of
“Best Client Service Recruitment Firm”
KEK is a one-stop HR solution platform with comprehensive services that serve the needs of both employers and job seekers provided by our professional consultants.
Our Strengths
Strong Database System
We have a strong database system to manage information of candidates from different levels of positions, industries and countries. Our system is able to conduct job matching for our clients and candidates efficiently and effectively.
Professional Services
Our professional Consultants have solid HR experience in different industries. We provide quality services to both our clients and candidates with high satisfaction.
Good Reputation & Trust
We have been consistently gaining good reputation and trust from our clients and candidates. Many of our businesses come from personal referrals and repeated clients. From time to time, we keep receiving sincere appreciation from them.
Some Comments From Our Clients And Candidates
  • Online Purchasing Director
    KEK Consultancy was exceptional in helping us find the best candidate for our company. They took the time to understand our needs, were proactive in their search for candidates and were helpful in every way possible, ensuring any questions or concerns were immediately addressed. As our company expands we will continue to work with KEK as we know that they will deliver quality candidates and excellent service.
  • Regional Human Resources Manager
    In times when most recruitment firms come across as quite aggressive and unstable, KEK stands out as a firm which is a trustworthy and reliable recruitment partner and always willing to understand client’s requirements, small or big and making genuine effort to meet stated and unstated requirements.
  • M. Tanti, Head of Operations
    We have been cooperating with KEK Consultancy for about 6 years now. KEK has helped our company throughout the years to find suitable candidates for various job positions, such as Corporate Consultants and Accountants. KEK employees always do their best to meet our needs, address our queries efficiently, ready to provide advice whenever required, make suggestions and recommendations. Therefore, we are planning to keep using KEK Consultancy Company Limited as our main recruitment agency in Hong Kong.
  • Q. Chung, General Manager
    More than just referring candidates, KEK understands our perspectives, needs and risks on recruitment.
  • K. Lee, Vice President of Sales & Operations
    Mapping the right candidate on specific boundary of a job is challenging. Many psychological aspects needs to be considered other than education and experience. Glad that KEK’s professional work force to narrow down to the right person.
  • K. Yeung, Deputy General Manager
    KEK has a deep understanding of client's needs and requirements; and is always able to provide suitable and competent candidates for selection. I am very satisfied with their professional services provided.
  • Y. Too, Head of Operational Controlling
    I find Vincent and his team are very professional when it comes to dealing our needs. They are attentive, responsive and quick to act which I find valuable from a service provider. They are acting almost like our HR business partner in recruitment. Highly recommended for employers who are looking for people solution!
  • B. Mak, Assistant Database Marketing Manager
    Thanks Consultant for giving me the chance to move a step forward. She is knowledgeable and provided me useful advice to get through the job seeking process. She always answer my inquiries in a timely manner and willing to help on clarifying details with potential employers. Those comfort me well on the uneasy when facing the uncertainties. Thanks KEK!
  • C. Lee, Relationship Manager
    KEK helped me to prepare well for the interview. I had a good tip for a selling point and helped me understand more details with the position and the company that I applied for. KEK was a good communicator and negotiator between a client and a candidate. Thanks for helping me on everything.
  • S. Chung, Office Assistant
    I have been working as an office assistant, which gave me the insight and exposure of banking industry. Consultants in KEK are eager to provide valuable and professional career advices to me. They always provide prompt reply whenever I have inquiries. Also, it was very thankful that they find a suitable job for me in a very short period of time. With that being said, I was grateful for having KEK in regard of seeking jobs.
  • A. Lao, International Sales and Marketing Manager
    Almost a decade ago I embarked on a new stage in my career with the guidance from Vincent and the team at KEK. They are always professional, meticulous and helpful like an old friend. I would recommend them without hesitation.
  • L. Kwong, Temp Data Entry
    I was successfully referred by KEK Consultancy Company Limited to work as a temporary data-entry clerk. Before my interview, they provided me a comprehensive information of the company background and their job requirements. With their professional help in the pre-interview preparation, my interview meeting went well. 
      Overall, I found KEK are eager to help their candidates, including me. They are willing to devote their time to find suitable job for the candidates and help them to keep bargaining with their employer client for the best offer. I have no doubt in recommending any candidates to use their services.
  • D. Lau, General Manager
    Fast response to application and provide guidelines before interview with employer.
  • H. Chow, Multimedia Designer
    Professional, reliable and trusted!
  • C. Yau, China Network Planning Manager
    No matter the final result, thanks a lot for your support and arrangement before. u are nice, fast response and professional.