KEK is your trusted HR partner. We provide a complete range of high quality services including recruitment, headhunting, secondment & payroll, training & development, corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme and consultation services.
We are a one-stop HR solution platform with comprehensive services that serve the needs of employers provided by our professional consultants.
Our Value – "CS PLUS"
  • We Care
    We care your business, value partnership and long-term relationship with you.   Our professional Consultants ensure your success through our in-depth HR knowledge and passion in helping you get what you need.
  • We Serve
    We are ready to serve you anytime. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We not only target to fulfill your requirements, but also exceed your expectation.
  • We Perform
    We have been putting lots of effort in database investment and maintenance, in order to maintain consistently with our high performance and excel ourselves in this competitive environment.
  • We Listen
    We are eager to listen to your voice no matter what your requirements, feedback or comments are. Ultimately, we could work as a team towards a common goal.
  • We Understand
    We would patiently understand your requirements and give our professional advice and analyze the best solution for you. We ensure our appropriate communication with you for an ideal result.
  • We Strive
    We always strive for excellence. We are not complacent about what we are doing, that is why we always strive to have continuous improvement. Our passion is driver to our mutual success.