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Recruitment Methodology


KEK provides quality services to our clients and candidates. We adopt a professional and systematic way in our recruitment process in order to ensure utmost satisfaction from both our clients and candidates.



· Obtain detailed information such as history, culture, products, services & etc. from clients;

· Get full details on required candidates’ job description & specification including job duties,
    requirements, reporting structure, package range & etc.;

· Discuss with the clients to identify target industries, companies and positions;

· Commence our executive search through our database, advertisement, network and etc.;

· Prepare a list of potential candidates;

· Conduct initial telephone screens of all the potential candidates;

· Conduct in-depth interviews with the appropriate candidates to check the accuracy of
    their information provided, e.g. checking their original certificates, working history, reference
    letters & etc.;

· During the interviews, we also assess the candidates' suitability on the positions, e.g.
    product knowledge, soft and management skill, ability, personality, adaptability on the
    clients' company culture, the candidates' expectation, preference, career goal & etc.
    through our professional interviewing skills;

· Arrange necessary practical written tests for the candidates as appropriate;

· Shortlist the screened candidates and introduce to the clients efficiently;

· Arrange interviews between the clients and the candidates;

· Take reference checks as requested by the clients and submit reference reports;

· Give advice & updated information to the clients in related to the employment terms,
    Employment Ordinance, Equal Opportunities Ordinance & etc. as required;

· Negotiate and confirm salary package, employment commencement date & other
    employment related details;

· Arrange signing of employment contract between the client and the candidate before the
    employment commencement date as appropriate;

· Follow up with the clients on candidate's performance and if need any further assistance;

· Follow up with the candidates on the adaptability of the new job and any difficulties can be

· In the event that the employment contract is terminated during the guarantee period, our
    professional consultants will try to understand the situation from the clients
    and the candidates in order to strive for a better result in future;

· From time to time, our professional consultants will follow up with the clients on any
    updates and further assistance.


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