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Our Services
Our clients and candidates are committed to provide quality services which includes:-
1)     Recruitment
For permanent, temporary placement and secondment services.
 Area of specialization:-                     
l      Sales & Marketing
l      Trading & Merchandising
l      Logistics
l      Banking & Insurance
l      Finance & Account 
l    Engineering & Manufacturing 
l      Human Resources & Administration
l      Secretarial
l      Executive & General Management
l      Information Technology 
l      Legal
l      Property & Construction
l      Retail Operation & Hotel
2)     Human Resources Consultation
l      To provide advices in related to employment ordinances &/ or related issues as required;
l      To provide general advices on company's human resources and administration policy as required;
3)   Training
l     Corporate tailor-made programme such as team building activities & etc. to improve team spirit, staff cohesiveness & etc.
l      Professional seminar
4)     Social Welfare Arrangement
l      Design staff welfare programme for clients such as leisure classes to enhance staff's sense of belongings in the company.
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